Levels One and Two of the Deep Map.
The initial entry point is on Level Two.
Level One is available by clicking the "Zoom Out" button, and is useful for seeing large patterns and for navigating across the reaches of the continent. In the area between Lake Superior and the Black Hills,  Level Two is also the home for an on-going project to bring a merged map of the tracts ceded by Native American tribes to the U. S. to the Archive site, annotated with details from the treaties and other actions.  It is available from the "land cessions" time-line button in the other maps of that area. More area will be added with time. Level Two can be zoomed into by clicking on an area of a Level One map. Choose the "1640" time window from the button or drop down list to see the patterns of native habitation at that time. Click on a tribe to see the imbedded information about them. Once a group or an area of the "Treaty Map" has been chosen, that information will remain in the upper frames until you zoom deeper into the map in the Saint Paul area.