Welcome to the Quick Start to the "Treaty" Map Layer of the Deep Map
This frame is home to the annotations which are called by clicking on or near the tract numbers on the maps below. This can be confusing, due to the way that tract numbers were assigned in 1900. Tract numbers are largely based on the sequence that tracts were ceded to the U. S. Tract number one was transferred on October 22, 1784, in a treaty with the Six Nations. The final tract in the index was transferred on August 15, 1894. Some tracts were transferred with others and some transfers were affected by multiple documents. We have chosen to index multiple documents in this frame in some cases, because that is the way the index was made. Use the pop-ups which will appear when you mouse over a number or an area, and if there are multiples, scroll down the materials in this frame to the tract number you are researching.