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Stock Selection
We won't carry anything we wouldn't recommend to a friend. In the case of books and recordings, you won't find it in the Gift Shop if it isn't on our own shelves. It won't be in the Gift Shop if we haven't read it, listened to it, viewed it or used it ourselves. In other words, nothing is stocked that isn't already owned and enjoyed around here, or (in the case of crafts and art) that we wouldn't really enjoy owning.

Privacy Policy
The Northern Plains Archive Project will not, under any circumstances, sell or distribute your personal information to any third party entity. We take great care to insure that your privacy is protected and will only use this information in the manner implied by each form on this web site.

Security Policy
Transmission of sensitive financial and payment information is submitted on our secure https server. We share server racks with Origix in order to attain the throughput scale needed for our visitors, and they maintain the security certificate. When transmitting data, you can rely upon their certificate as if it were ours. Customers who prefer to make payment via the mails will be accommodated. We discourage our customers from submitting information to us using single e-mails, especially when transmitting information about credit cards.

Overseas Orders and Postage
It costs more to mail orders outside the United States. We reserve the right to request additional shipping charges. We'll ask first. We also reserve the right to refund payment via mail if you are unwilling to accept these charges.

Unsolicited Email
Under no circumstances does the Northern Plains Archive Project condone, encourage, promote, or participate in the act of sending unsolicited email. You may receive e-mail in regard to your order or transaction.

Out of Stock/Out of Print 
The Gift Shop was started in response to your requests for us to carry hard-to-find and one-of-a-kind items. This means that sometimes things on our shelves go out out of print or become otherwise unavailable without notice to us. We reserve the right to refund your payment via mail and cancel the order. 

Customer Service Policy
The Northern Plains Archive Project takes great pains to insure customer satisfaction with purchases. In the event you are not satisfied, we will make every effort to resolve your dissatisfaction through our standard procedures in a timely fashion.

Refunds are granted only in the event that the items purchased are returned in their original condition. 

Email Response
The Northern Plains Archive Project makes every attempt to answer all inquiries and questions sent to via standard email within 5 business days. If our staff will be in the field for more than five days, we will post an automatic reply informing you of this situation.